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Looking for employees

I just want to take one moment to pay our respects to Whitney Houston.  She had a beautiful voice and influenced so many…..

Now onto the task at hand. This time of year is when we start looking at our staffing needs.  We need to determine who is coming back and how many we need to hire.  Once we determine how many new team members we need, we look at the best way to advertise the job opening.  We do not need to put the job posting on a national level; let’s face it, these are not jobs many people would move to take.  But we don’t want to sell ourselves short either. Our ad does need to get enough exposure to get some good candidates.  Another consideration is how much money to put in to into ad placement, we will be investing plenty in the new employee when they are hired.

This time we are going to start by placing an ad in our local paper and see what type of response we get. We like to find local people. They do not have to drive far to get to work and they usually know many people in the community.

I always have to remind myself to hire slowly.  Often times it seems we get to crunch time and we hire the first person who seems worthy.  This way of doing things does not usually work out very long.  I have to stick with the motto, “Hire slow, Fire fast.”

If you are looking for more hiring information, check out this article.  I found it informative. How To: hire the best hourly employee – Landscape Management


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